Getting Started With Nudge

Step 1: Sign the Service Agreement


By signing this document, USER acknowledges and confirms that the term of this contract includes a one-time, $1499 system build out fee due upon the completion of this agreement. Additionally, user agrees to pay $20/Lead Conversion for the first 50 conversions per month, $10/Lead Conversion for the next 200 conversions in the same month, and $5/Lead Conversion for any additional conversions happening in the same month. USER agrees to be bill, monthly via auto-charge, on the last day of every month for all appointments booked within that month. A 10 day dispute window after every charge to ask for a recount of conversions. USER agrees to be charged for all Lead Conversions converted by Nudge and will notify Nudge before the billing takes place of any appointments that were cancelled and therefore should not be counted as a conversion. USER agrees they may terminate this agreement with a 14-day written notice at any time by sending an email to In the event of termination USER will be charged for all remaining conversion charges immediately. USER further acknowledges reading and agreeing to all terms and conditions of the service provided at